ASTRA End User Tools is a web application for managing ASTRA users, communities and applications developed from CTI ASTRA team. 

You can access an ASTRA End User Tools Demo at . This location is regularly updated with new versions of end user tools as the development goes on.

To use ASTRA End User Tools visit and create a new account giving a username and a password that will be used to log into the system. As ASTRA Framework follows a node based SOA architecture you have to speify the web address of a local ASTRA node installation that will bew responsible of running your applications and exporting your nimbus. You can install an ASTRA SOA node to your home pc, or  you can use the node running at CTI with address (for demo only). When using as your node you have access to devices and actuators located at CTI facilities and not at your local space.

You can report any problems, bugs, suggestions here at ASTRA site wiki or at the forum. You have to be logged in order to post to the wiki or the forum.